Alright well just to say I'm a total noob at guitar and just play my own little tunes on it i need to learn how to tune it myself. Sorry for even asking but this but i have my tuner now and when i tune it i have no clue which string goes with which letter. I have a 6 string acoustic. Starting from the top which string is which, I'm pretty sure the top one ( bass string ) is E. im unsure about the others . I was hoping you all could help me out. Thanks in advance!

alright... look the top string on this diagram is representing the thinnest string and the bottom represents the thickest.

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oh one more question......when i strum the string do i have to hold a fret down or just strum it? thats for when im tuning it. also how many hertz do i set my tuner to?
alright im having the hardest time tuning it right now, its not picking up the strings as the right ones. Its saying like A is G and E is C. Arghhhh the aggrivation
From the string closest to the ceiling to the one closest to the floor as you are holding the guitar, sitting up normal like, the notes are EADGBE.
You do not need to adjust the tuner as it should automatically lock onto whatever note is closest at the time. If I were you, I'd loosen all strings and start from scratch, just in case you have one or more that are already over. So drop them all down, then start at the top string, the low E. Tuner on and close to the strings, about 6 inches away from the soundhole. Pluck the string and then slowly tighten the tuner knob until the pitch rises. Watch the tuner and you'll see letters pop up. Just remember they'll be coming up in alphabetical order, so if you see a C, then will be C sharp, or C#, then D, then D#, then E.
Tune until the needle is in the middle, with the letter E showing, but no # symbol.
Repeat for the next string, A. This time, G and G# will be just before it.
Do this for the rest of the strings, all the way down to the high E string(one closest to the floor).
You should go back and re-check all of them again, usually they will be off a bit due to tension on the neck stabilizing.