Can someone help me out? I'm getting a weird tone after restringing my Yamaha FG-200
I'm getting this weird tone on E A D strings, I think it could be the nut or something wrong on the bridge . I tried putting the old strings back, and the weird tone suddenly disappears, I thought the strings needed a little bit of stretching, but the weird tone, just stays there.
I was thinking of going to a guitar store, but if anyone knows how to fix this... please help me out
Are you hearing one string vibrating even tho you didn't pluck that string, but a different one? Try this: All tuned up to standard concert pitch EADGBE. Pluck the high E string ONLY. Right away while it's still ringing out, lightly touch the low E. It's vibrating isn't it?
How about the A? Yes? Stop all the strings by muting them all. Now pluck the B string and then touch the A string. Vibrating like crazy too isn't it?
Guess what? If you say yes to all the above, GOOD! Your guitar is officially in tune, and everything is great in the world.
New strings are very sensitive to harmonics, and what you more than likely are experiencing are sympathetic vibrations made by the note of one string activating another string. You didn't notice it before you changed strings because the old ones were dead.
If none of this apply's, my bad. I tried.
I agree with Lefty Dave. I get this every time I put new strings on.
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There's no buzzing involved here, It's just a weird tone, just like silentzodiac said "bright and twangy" but it's just unbearable. I tried pressing the E A D strings right over the nut and the weird tone disappears. By the way this tone appears when playing on open E A D strings and on any fret.
I never mentioned buzzing. Matter of fact, what I said that it could be is actually a good thing, and is normal. Did you try to do what I suggested?
It almost sounds as though the nut is loose. Loosen all the strings until sloppy so you can check if the nut is tight. If it is, check all the tuner knobs for tightness. Also see that the nut holding the beauty rings on each tuner post are good and snug. Try a little lube in each nut slot too. A little chapstick will work, or vaseline. Apply it with a toothpick to the slots in the nut. See if these things help.