I own several guitars. I just bought another offbrand tele. It plays great , very clean. It's not made by Schecter. The guitar brand is Lady Luck. I have researched and found their headquarters are in Cary,il. Everytime I call the # to ask about the history and the quality of these guitars over the years I just get a lady's voice on an ans machine stating she wil get back to anyone about musical instruments(never has). I have searched the internet and found one older tele signed by the " Stones"with this name. I have searched ebay and found one LS copy made in 1960. I have found every other offbrand , but it's like these don't exist. The back says made in Korea. Does anyone have info on "Lady Luck Guitars"?
Hello Buddy,
I'm Charlie from Brazil I used to live in the US.
and I bought me A brand new Korean Ladyluck.
Well I'll tell you about it.I went to the store to buy a Fender Tele then I saw the LL hangin' up on the wall It was beautiful and the sound was way better than the fender so I bought it for $230.00 this was in 1993 I still have it.
Charlie from Brazil.