Well, I'm kind of new to acoustic playing and I currently own a Yamaha F310 that my cousin handed down (well sold for $50) to me. It's a pretty subpar guitar (I guess you get what you pay for), thin trebly paper like tone and high fret buzz.

Today I walked by a pawnstore and saw a Fg345, it's made in Taiwan, looks superb with it's diamond inlays. It's in near perfect condition, the only ding I saw was on the back of the neck. The neck is a bit thicker than I'd like, but damn. The tone is amazing. It's so rich and it resonates through (the low E and A play low and dull however) when I strummed a couple of chords on it. It was for sale for $200 dollars. Does anybody have any information, reviews or suggestions on whether or not I should buy it?
If it sounds right, feels right to you then get it. The low E and A might have been out of tune or just need some new strings. My friend has a FG from Yamaha, from what I have seen they are good guitars; nice sound to them.
wow, this is old but....

I would definitely go for it, as I type I have a 345 sitting in my lap. It is the best guitar for the money that I have ever played, it gives a Martin a run for it's money. Note: Didn't say it was quite as good, but close.