Alright well I just got my guitar about a week ago so sorry if I sound annoying.

1.)First off I noticed the "b" part for bending, but I don't understand if you're supposed to pull the string away from the neckor like towards the ceiling/floor?

2.)What's a palm mute?

3.)When playing chords like this:


Are you supposed to only play A to E, or all 6 strings?


What about this?

4.) I noticed that when I play songs, it doesn't really sound like the band. Do you need special guitars or equipment? I have a Squirer by Fender if that means anything.

5.)Intro part, play with alot of distortion (and possibly chorus).

What does distortion mean? (From Blink182 Dammit)
1.Pull the string towards the floor/celing , which ever is easiest.
2 Palm muting is when you rest your hand on the strings close to the bridge.
3.You play the strings the notes are on.
4. It probably doesn't sound like the bands because you are using a Squier and probably a low quality amp, it might have effects but I don't know because I don't listen to Blink 182
5. I don't feel inclined to help on this one because I don't like Blink 182. Go listen to some Tool. Anyway distortion is the typical "electric" guitar sound. The difference between and acoustic and an electric. I don't know if you have an amp or not but whatever. If you want more distortion turn up your gain.
1. Don't pull the string away from the neck, make sure you are holding the note then, push the string either upwards or downwards depending which is easiest, but make sure you are still holding it solidly against the fretboard.

2. Palm muting is using holding your picking hand over the strings right next to the bridge while playing. It should kind of dampen the sound.

3. Only play the string the number appears on. If the numbers are stacked on top of each other (like in your second example) then you still need to play only the strings the numbers are on.

4. Not surprising if you don't know how to play yet. Keep practicing and learning and you will come to understand how the bands you are covering are doing what they are doing, and you'll be able to copy them.

5. Distortion is the result of increasing the gain of your amp. It is essentially the "dirty" sound used in most rock music, particularly the heavier varieties.
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Thanks to all, but on palm mute I still can't get it. I either wind up sounding exactly the same, or I put too much palm into it. Do I just need to pratice more?
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Thanks to all, but on palm mute I still can't get it. I either wind up sounding exactly the same, or I put too much palm into it. Do I just need to pratice more?

Yeah man, just put in the hours. And get someone to see how you are going, it'll help.
And some songs require a stronger palm mute than others.
Good luck!