So, I'm sitting in bed eating Raisin Bran and pondering life when all of a sudden I thought, hey, why don't I record something. Piazza New York Catcher came to mind. It's one take and no mixing took place. Tell me what you think. Keep in mind that it's rough and I know. I also know I totally botched the last verse, so don't be a smartass and think I don't know what I'm doing. Constructive criticism only please.
Ah, there it is.

Good song choice. Works well with what most of use have: an acoustic guitar and a voice.

The rhythm seems a little shaky at points.

Your voice isn't bad, but you could definitely hone it. It seems a little whiny at times; maybe that's deliberate, but it sounds bad.

Overall though, definitely a solid covor (minus you messing up terribly at the end, haha). Good job