Take a knife and go up and down it's back.

edit: okay, to be serious, i don't believe there is a way.
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I'm hearing a steady *thump thump* from the people above me and I need some porno grooves to play on my bass to give them some background music. Any ideas?

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How do you do it? Where do I go? I've tried google I have no idea.

i did it before but cant remember how it was somewhat complex-maybe preferences
What is 'skinning iTunes'?
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That was a different Feb08er that threatened to suck you off
I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.

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What is 'skinning iTunes'?

Customizing the overall look of the program.

As for how, I really don't know if it can even be done. I've heard it mentioned a few times but I haven't seen any results.
I wish you could...
Soon you will sit on the bench
of those who deny I have my soul
You sell a dream you create
Condemned by what you condemned before
Smooth are the words you sing down and high
Underground is your joy your laws