I'm thinking about getting a Marshall JCM900 amplifier. I saw on the Marshall website that they have a 50 Watt and a 100 Watt, the 50 only has onespeaker, and the 100 has two.

I am wondering if i get the 50, with only one speaker, could i, like, add onto it, as by putting another speaker to it???

They arent made anymore because they were replaced by the JCM2000. I dont know how much it would be used in the US, because im in Australia and they cost more here.
uhm...i just looked at the Marshall website, and i don't see a JCM2000


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You could get a 50 watt combo and add a 1x12 extention cabinet onto it if thats what you mean?

Or a bigger cab if you please of course.

Oh yeah. I didnt think of that
Well, they are basically the same except one is 50 watts and one is 100.
You wont need 100 tube watts, so DSL50
i just looked at the Marshall site again, and what's the difference between a cabinet, and a MC Series?

which is better?

I'd never heard of the MC series until now, but i just had a look, and they're just a new line of cabinets. It says they are like a budget cabinet, so if you have the money, i probably wouldnt get one
thanks so much, i didn't know ANYTHING before this, you've been a GREAT help, thanks so much!

No problem mate. I'm definitely no expert myself! I just check the forums here a fair bit. You can learn heaps.
well i`m a new owner of a JCM900 surfinwithsatch, if he see`s this he`ll be in here (i think thats his name LOL, you know who you are)

but anyway, Marshall doesn`t make the JCM900 anymore... i own a JCM900 4500 50 watt daul reverb head... some people love them some hate them... me, i love them, my JCM900 has that roar only Marshalls can pull off, massivly overdrivin it has a Slayer ISH sound to it, still not enough balls to pull slayer off by itself but i`m sure an EQ would change that, with EMG`s this amp is a dream.

now i don`t know what you play, but i`m thrash metal type guy, and this head with some tweaking will be a very good thrash head, even by itself it will do thrash, just missin a bit of low end, which a EQ in the FX loop should take care off.

i`d totaly skip the combo and go with a 1/4 stack like mine or a 1/2 stack I just don`t see a 1X12 being nearly enough for a JCM900.
IMHO JCM900s aren't that great. The tone sounds more thin to me. I would much rather take a JCM800 with an OD
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^ well i dotn totally agree with that. I mean side by side with a 800 it does sound a bit thin. It still sounds great for indie/pop-rock. I love mine but im buying a TT so no need for the marshall. I have the 100w HGDR. I like it, sounds tons better than the DSLs IMO, but not as good as the 800s but they are too loud for my liking.

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

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I'd take a JCM900 over a JCM2000.

yep, then an 800 over a 900 then a Jubilee over and 800 (unless its 4 input early 50watt 800, mmmmmm )
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yep, then an 800 over a 900 then a Jubilee over and 800 (unless its 4 input early 50watt 800)

no way, I'll take a single channel JCM800 2203 over a Jubilee everyday of the week. The circuit was MUCH better IMO. The Jub's so expensive because they were the 25th anniversary models made for a short period and Slash played them later on, not because they "sound better". It's the same thing as the 20th anniversary white 800's or purple 30th anniversary models.