i guess it means you sound too much like other artists and need to find your own sound and style..
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It means that you sound generic, like they've heard a million players just like you. You need to find your quirk or niche that makes you recognisable. That's what they're saying.
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Most players start out in that generic category... Don't sweat it if you haven't been playing for years.... Writing and experimenting with licks can help with that, along with a little understanding of theory and deviation from typical box patterns, chord progressions and rhythms..
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why do u ask?
did someone call you that???
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Always play with a phaser or flanger on. Not a lot of talented people do.

That's probably for a reason.

Just need to find your own style, something that'll set you apart form everyone else.
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Are you pondering what I'm pondering pinky?

I think so, Brain, but where would we buy rubber pants at this hour?
Try to develop your own style by blending licks and techniques from your favourite guitarists/genres as well as expirimenting with many scales.
A phaser or flanger will not mask your mistakes, trust me I know lol. I think it sounds worse on some occasions. Only heavy distortion will with sloppy playing.

Maybe the problem with all these usage of pedals is that too many people either go full on or nothing at all. There are a ton of sounds you can get with a flanger. Set it for a slight effect, I like using Manual, Width and Speed set around 10-11 o'clock and Regen all the way down. Get some sweet tones on clean.
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This was said to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaugn when they first started out it and it means that you need to be you and find your own voice on the guitar not just copying someone elses style but you need to let your voice ring out.
well as a song writer ive gone through some various phases from teh brootalz (ugh) to ska to garage rock (where im currently at) and the only differences between a phenominal song and an ok song are the following

1. Great tone (if it sounds crappy people wont want to listen)
2. catchy chord progression (an add 9 or dominant 7th work wonders for other wise stale songs)
3. lyrics/ singing (most fans will like voice oriented music, so if thats something you do as well make sure youre singing loudly and decently, and make sure that the lyrics are not just some generic crap (ex. Got out of bed, feeling half dead, etc...) they dont have to rhyme, but they should be meaningful or fun)
4. Energy, this is possibly the most important... even if the style is mellow it should still feel youthful and full of life, you cant let the dynamics be ignored, and if your on stage you shouldnt just stand still, move around when you can
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you are my new hero cause i do the exact same thing but i suck at it

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Atleast people are saying your talented lol

But the cool thing is i started developing my sound early on and im writing my own stuff. Got bored with trying to mimic the greats because everytime i wanted to play my own stuff it sounded like them... Now its the opposite lol
... and for the love of God, please do not play with a chorus and delay on all the time. That just screams newbie. Makes me want to jam screwdrivers in my ears when I hear that.
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you guys sure the person wasnt actually talking about his VOICE and not his guitar playing?

TS, do you sing? maybe they just ment your singing isnt very original or not anything special but your guitar playing is good. you just need to find a singer or get better at singing. thats what i would have thought from that anyway.
I use the Expo Flanger when I palm mute sometimes when chugging..Gives it as nice spacey sound =x... And yes I am a newbie, anyway back to the topic, people saying that you are very talented, means that you have great potential, how you go about using that gift is up to you.
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Yeah, it basically means that you're too generic. I guess if someone were to be playing emo/punk stuff I'd say they need to find a more unique sound, just ebcause all of that stuff sounds the same... to me anyway. I wouldn't say it's a bad thing though. Might even be good.
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If someone says you are a "very talented" guitar player but need to find a unique voice.what does that mean?

You are the opposite of Jeff Beck?

He's a sloppy player live, but still an absolute genius
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guitar player but need to find a unique voice.what does that mean?

tell her youd like her to show you at your place
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