So I'm browsing UG, and then all of a sudden it redirects me to a random ebay item and doesn't let me click back on the browser. It's happened a few times now. Does this happen to anyone else?
something about

whinnie the pooh?
no...maybe you should buy it, I think your computer is telling you that you need it for the apocalypse..
Happened to me too yesterday. It was quite annoying.
Same here, it wants me to buy a book or something.
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It's probably Zappp trying to sell something on eBay, and wanting more prospective buyers looking at it...
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no...maybe you should buy it, I think your computer is telling you that you need it for the apocalypse..

The auction was for stamp sheets and I doubt they would be of any use during the apocalypse
you probably have some spyware or a virus thats doing it. Probably a browser hijacker.... uh...

check out one of these tech sites, and just post your problem (its a forum.... like the pit... hopefully you get it). People there will help you out(I have no idea why they'd want to spend their time though.) Or, if you really dont want to, google, download and run ad-aware, it might solve the problem.

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happened to me a few mins ago. no, i dont want to buy nylon tiedowns for a fourwheeler firefox!
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There was just a thread about this yesterday.

try checking for browser hijacks like algemar said. never happened to me though.