I have a show june 6th at a rather large venue, and im allowed to do covers, so i was wondering what third eye blind songs i should do.

i want to do two covers of them, but every song is so well known!

what songs do you think a crowd would respond to the most?

thanks !
Never Let You Go

Any particular reason you're looking for specifically Third Eye Blind songs?
Quote by Smoothrider_41

what songs do you think a crowd would respond to the most

ummm, not third eye blind?
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you might as well play some christina aguilara while you're at it
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Quote by AntiSanta
ummm, not third eye blind?

i second that. a few days ago at school, some kids phone went off and it was jumper, and i made him cry. sorry man, but third eye blind hasnt been around for a decade. not to say that metallica hasnt put out a good album in over a decade, which ill be the first to say, but seriously, pick some other band. id rather fandoogle myself to the mighty mighty bosstones.
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