so lately i've been noticing that while playing the guitar, and i have to use my pinky finger to reach notes it stiffens up and then it gets stuck and i have to abandon playing cause it hurts. It scares me cause i feels like my pinky gets stuck and breaks, but it doesnt. So i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

I do practice and warm up a lot before i start to play, in not a retard, but it still happens.
i know what you mean and so far if i just keep playing it works out fine, although it has made some funny popping noises but whatever
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yes i think i have it too, but when you play with your pinky you shouldn't straighten it. thats the first thing you learn in piano (which applies with guitar too), you should always play with your fingers sort of bent
if you bend your fingers while playing it shouldnt lock
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My pinky acts up every once inawhile too. I stop playing to stretch it out then go on playing again.
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my pinky is useless. i think if evolution occurs at a caffeine induced rate for me, my pinkies will just cease to be. i dont use them when i play, and im better than most of my friends that do. check my band out if you dont believe me.
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when i stand up i cant play with my pinkie unless its like a chord or a scale
whenever i play cowboys from hell standing up my pinkie like cause under the neck instead of the fretboard
my brother had the same problem and it was from a football accident...everytime he picked up the guitar his pinky would lock up....he got painless surgury on it and it made it better but that was because of a football accident..now its better
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My pinkies only have two digits. They bend in half an inch.... If I put them side by side they make a pretty cool V for Vendetta symbol.

Works remarkably well for bass though, except the 20+ frets.
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