do a squier stratocaster and a fender standard stratocaster make that much of a big difference? or is it a small difference. and if so why are squiers so cheap?
and if you had to choose which would you choose a squier or a standard?
There's a difference.

You might not notice it now, but you will in a couple of years when your Fender still works and your Squier is busted to turd.

I kid.

Squiers are alright, they NEED a pickup swap though.

The Fender (Even the MIM) guitars are great right out of the box though.
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get a fender. end of discussion. their all around better, squiers are just cheap crap for beginners.
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Cheap crap again
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Squiers are made with inferior parts, that is why they are so cheap.
Having a Fender will make a pretty significant difference in tone.
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It depends on the QC

Sometimes you can come across a real jem of a squire, and also true for finding real duds in the MIM strats.