I have a guitar lesson tomorrow and I was asking anybody if they knew a way I could get one song for the lesson to put on a CD. So far I've just been playing along with the youtube of it.
for a cheap sh*tty ghetto way of getting it use sound recorder on your computer, it only records for 60 seconds so you have to quickly press the record button every 60 seconds but if you just make a blank file by just pressing record over and over while not playing anything you can make a file you can record over. to do it you must first press record and then play the youtube clip and it should just take the audio only and when it's done press stop.
get a youtube video - mp3 converter. Then burn the mp3s onto a playable music CD.

edit: I use DVDvideosoft for live stuff (that you can't buy!)
limewire, itunes, etc.
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