I cant believe im here doing this...and im sorry if its the wrong place.

But im in need of some ideas for a date...

nothing too expensive...
2nd date...its her 18th b-day, dinner is going to be at her house with some of her friends.

After dinner i need something to do...not too expensive but simple..kinda romantic...not too "out there"

and i know its gonna get said...but stay away from ...sexual things...right away at least...

Gah i feel dumb asking the pit, but im out of ideas, so help please.
Go to the movies?
Grab dessert?
Watch a movie at your house?

Or be creative, and really score.
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Tell her how beautiful she is, point blank.

It will make even the lamest of dates a successful one.
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Just be yourself.

IMO, you shouldn't do anything that could be too revelant that you love her ( I guess ) but you can leave, at the end of the date ( or a little bit earlier ) by telling her she is beautiful, nothing that would mean too much "I love you". By doing that, you might not either be her boyfriend or f**k her the next day you see her, but she will have good thoughts about you in her head until you see her again.

This is only my opinion ... I'm not a professional of relationship, but as far as I know, I have a pretty successful relation with my grilfriend, and that's kinda how I acted at the begining.

For the activity, try to do something that would give you the opportunity to talk about you, or to hear more about her ( especially if you don't know her very well yet ). Also, if you have friends that are her friends as well, they can tell you if she wants you, cause you will probably be fooled. If you both love each other, what might happen is that both of you will think that the other doesn't love you. And it works also that if she doesn't love you, you might think that she loves you. Your friends can see that.

Again, it's my opinion, it worked for me, and I hope it could help you as well. Good luck with the girl.

Edit : Whatever activity you do, if she likes you, she will have a good time (unless you do something REALLY bad ... like killing her whole family while she is tied up naked on her bed before you ... you know the rest of the story ... DON'T DO THAT )
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Go treat her to some ice cream after dinner, then maybe take a walk?

It all depends what type of girl she is, man.
go get some coffee and talk about the works of James Joyce. That's what I do. Mostly because I'm incredibly pretentious.
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well if the beginning is dinner at her house with your friends, having a mini jam sesh at the end where everyones like chilling out and everyone brings their guitars and cover songs everyone knows the words to is always fun.
and you can always bust out the super girl friendly cute melodies that'll make her swoooooon
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This + what I said = you getting laid.
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acoustic guitar

+1, it might seem odd unless you have someone else bringing their acoustic too though.......but if you can play (heck, even sing too ) one of her favorite songs, she wont mind .
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go get some coffee and talk about the works of James Joyce. That's what I do. Mostly because I'm incredibly pretentious.

That makes two of us.
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take her out for ice cream?

make her laugh and smile and stufff!

and at least get like little teddy bear or somethin for her bday

like somone b4 me said, depends wat kind of girl she is
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where do you live? if she is legal go to a bar and show her a good time.
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