Alright, folks, I'm having some difficulty.

Polyrythm. Not the concept, but the actually realization of the technique. I'f used it extensively before with other musicians (e.g. guitar in 3/4, drums in 4/4), but I can't seem to keep polyrhythm with myself.

I'm one hell of a finger-picker, and I've been trying (while in 6/8) to keep my thumb moving in straight eigth notes, while my other fingers are working in triplet eigth notes. For some reason, this seems impossible for one person to do.

But then again, perhaps I'm approaching this from the wrong direction. Anyone have experience with utilizing polyrhythm independantly? Any tips?

Or is this a mentally impossible endeavor to be pursuing?

Straight eighths against triplets are always tough. My best advice would be avoid subdividing. Alternatively, you can think of it as 1 2 & 3, with the and of 2 being the second straight note.
I always work it out as 16th note triplets, and then play them legato so its like:


And then repeat.
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I always work it out as 16th note triplets, and then play them legato so its like:


And then repeat.

That seems like what someone would do if they were playing drums but it seems much more difficult with fingerstyle guitar.
I wrote a very simple, short chord progression using a 3 against 2 polyrhythm. I think it's relatively easy to do. I think once you get the sound of it in your ears, it becomes much easier for your hands to reproduce it. Here's the progression:


Focus on practicing each part individually, THEN bring them together.
something i did that worked like a charm, and has made me more fluent with polyrhythms than all of my friends, and is insanely easy

just sit down, write out the rhythms by writing out all the beats like:
| | |
| | | |
darkening the beat where it starts over, and then just have your right hand tap one, left hand tap another

then just run through different rhythms, ie, 2 against 3, 3 against 4, 4 against 5, 3 against 5, etc, and they just get built in your system and become second nature
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