Hi all, so I've decided to look into some new pickups for my MIM Strat because the stock pickups are pretty bad so anyway I've been looking at some Lace sensors because of the price and what looks like the versatility they provide. Now Fender makes lace sensors and Lace makes them also so what do you guys recommend company wise? Also I love David Gilmour's tone so thats a big factor on how these pickups sound. I was thinking something along the line of Gold Lace's in the neck and middle and a Red Lace in the bridge. So what do you guys think?
Gilmour liked the cleans from EMG single coils. That's about all I can tell you.
I have a Valve Jr. head and cab for my amp and this guitar is at least 10 years old so i'm trying to spice it up a little Would all Gold Laces be better for classic rock and blues or would a Red in the bridge be recommended?

Also is it hard changing pickups? This would be my first time doing so
A local shop here is selling girlmours pre-wired pickguard and it has 3 EMG single coils in it.
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