I'm thinking about getting a mim standard tele, with a texas special bridge.

But for the neck, I'm not sure what to get. I'll be using this guitar for blues-rock, dirty/heavy blues and indie rock like the Black Keys, White Stripes. I'm not necessarily looking to keep a "Traditional" tele tone either. I want a neck pickup that's heavy, deep, but with a lot of bite but could match the hotness of the texas special bridge. Budget is about (hopefully under) $100.

I've been looking at the quarter pound by seymour duncan, and some GFS pickups. Or maybe toneriders.

Maybe I should get a humbucker, but how hard would it be to convert a S/S tele?
seymour duncan rail? is it a hum or single?
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Quote by CaRveItiNbass
seymour duncan rail? is it a hum or single?

I'd like a humbucker more, but I don't know how hard it would be to convert the standard double single tele?