All right, this girl is being the psycho bitch she really is. I was told I cannot talk to her, and it made me follow it. Because of this, I apparently hurt her somehow and she's bitching at me for this. She's a year younger, and her friend as well are starting to harass me a bit via texting (pathetic, right?)

Long story, but I might share this whole ordeal with my friends (who know her pretty much more than I) and I might consider calling the cops on the two if things get much worse...

What do you think..?

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Don't call the cops. That's a bitch move.
Simply slap her.
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1) if for some reason you're told not to talk to a girl...odds are she wants you to talk to her.
2) she sounds crazy and honestly who needs a crazy girl with crazy friends? try to talk to her and get her friends to stop. or try to ignore her. let police action be the last resort.
hold off from the po for a few more days nd tell them bitches to grow up and quit wiling out.
how old are these girlies?
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I say get the police involved, press sexualy harassment on her so she'll have to file as a sex offender....that'd show her.

How's that Palomino v16 treating you by the way? I've been thinking of getting one...
Sneak into her house in a Santa Clause costume. Hide under their stairwell for three days while you observe their routines. When they all go to bed, sneak into the bedroom of her parents and make sweet love to them both at the same time, be sure to wear your hat with the little dangly thing on it. After you romp her parents, bind them and throw them into your toy sack and drag that son of a bitch to her room.

Exclaim something witty, yet intimidating, about Christmas and how she's been a naughty girl. Knock her out, and drag her downstairs. Cook her parents into a casserole, and make her eat it. Reveal the contents of the casserole after she's finished the entire thing, make sure to get photos of her reaction. Then turn the pilot light on her stove on and start her house on fire. As the crumbling, flaming ruins of her residence falls around you, the soot and flames climbing high into the night air, lift her by the neck so she can see your bloodshot, crazed eyes, and scream into her face, "Don't f*** with md41!"
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All your base are belong to us.
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