first of all, hi! it's my first post, but I've been around UG for a couple years now... never got around to the forums, I guess.

warmoth says Eastern Hard Maple is 'Acer saccharum.'
that would make it the abundant, cheap Sugar Maple found all over the place here.
wow, really?

does this mean I have both a body (quaking aspen/poplar) AND a neck (hardrock/sugar maple) right outside, waiting to be sawed down?
or am I missing something?
in a sense yes its all there but they will make the piece for you with out the hassle of logging it out
sugar maple is excellent wood my friend. very hard and dense, i just make a neck out of it. its difficult to find very figured pieces.

If yo uwere to go out and cut it down, you have to kiln dry it. make sure its at 6-8% moisture content.
If you could, cut it Quarter Sawn.
It's more stable, also if you're worried about Warping, laminate it too.
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We have a bunch of maple lying around from a wind storm we had last year. Maybe I should hit that up and dry it out.
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does anybody know how long poplar and maple should be kiln dried for?
how long does it take for (quartersawn hard rock) maple to get to 6-8% moisture content?