I don't know if this is the right forum but does anybody know of a way to slow down mp3s of songs without changing the tone?
nope, since when you slow it down electronically all you're doing is reducing the frequency of the waves so they come at you slower, and any change in frequency or amplitude WILL change the way stuff sounds

you're only option would be, as far as I know, to re-record the mp3's at a slower tempo
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Windows Media Player lets you do it. Its on the Now Playing pane under Enhancements.

Yeah, WMP will do it. It sounds like crap, though.
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Audacity can do this and it doesn't sound terrible.


Yeah, I use Audacity to slow down/speed up music.
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Tascam makes something that does it as well...but since that costs 200 bucks and the above solutions are free, disregard this post.
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