Failure is your air

an act of god
a touch from hell
the tears of a man who alway fails
the words of a martyr
the lies of a father
a crippling sense of being fodder
the pleas from a heart that dont mean ****
ends in a cascade of doubt the fills with bliss
to find my niche is to a find path
but searching for that will never last

as the eyes gaze to a place of grandeur
they will never know
as the hands reach for the unobtainable
life will only flow
as the mind ties to a chasm of hope
pain will sure to grow

hypnotic state that kills each day
leads to a place of losing faith
only with my hatred aside
can a find a way to thrive
a fickle cell warped in lies
leads to a place where you will die
a single joke of a phrase
of man who once played
left life to the demons that always delayed
look back and see what was once pure
is now left to drowned in a pond of your demure

failure is your air
breathe it in
life doesn't care