I'm buying a new guitar this weekend and want some opinions to help my desicion. I like how they both play, I love the looks of both but and torn on what one to go with. I'm gonna be setting up eather one in D tuning with heavy strings, I'm using it for playing stuff like Cildren of bodom (ofcourse), trivium, bullet for my valentine, Bleeding Through, It dies today... Type stuff. The V is obviously harder to hold sitting down but its a freakin rad guitar.

The MH-1000 is mahogony body with a set maple neck.

The Alexi is a maple neck-thru with alder wings.

Only downside to the Alexi is it has a passive pickup and the MH-1000 has an 81 active pickup.

It's no question, really...

GET THE MH-1000.
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I've heard good and bad things about Jackson. Especially since they got bought by fender. I wouldn't rule it out but it is VERY similar to the Alexi but the bottom horn is longer on the Alexi wich i like better.
The Alexi signature is way overpriced.
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While i like the alexi, if your comparing those two, The M wins hands down.
Fuuuuck. I can't find the MH-1000 ANYWHERE! any shop within a couple hours of here doesn't have any in stock. The big shop by my place says they have some LTD's on order but that was a few months ago and from past experience they don't expect them anytime soon.
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edit: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-LTD-MH1000-Electric-Guitar-with-EMGs?sku=512954

if you wanna buy online there you go
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yeaaa, I know of that place but I'd rather buy from a show. I hate buying things online. So if anyone knows of dealers in the Vancouver, BC area other than Tom Lee let me know
I tried the MH, and still prefer my alexi..although i know almost everyone on here thinks they are worthless, it was the best purchase i ever made. got mine for 800 and threw in a seymour duncan blackout and now it screams
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I got my Alexi for $699.99... Samash was trying to clear out their stock of the old model to make space for the new model (only difference is the pickup). I bought a blackout pickup and swapped the EMG-HZ out.

That guitar SCREAMS! Obviously the MH gives you more tonal possiblities (2 pickups) but if this is your 2nd or 3rd guitar (or 5th for me...) then it's TOTALLY cool to buy it just for sweet looks.
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I FOUND ONE! I randomly went to one of the bigger shops in downtown vancouver that said the day before they hadn't had ANY since 2007 sometime and they don't even show it in they're inventory. Well I walk in. look up and there it is. Just came in TODAY. Needless to say I am now the proud new owner of a LTD MH-1000 in translucent blue