Hello all,

I've done some searches and read up on tube amps but I'm not any closer to making a decision.

I'm looking for:
* An all tube amp in the $400-$500 range.
* Compatable with a Fender Highway 1 HSS Strat.
* I need a clean channel and a distortion channel (or a pedal?)
* I play mostly classic rock

I'm look at the the fender Blues Jr with a pedal (not sure which one) or a Palamino 32. Any thoughs or other suggestions?

The Palamino has preferable voicing. I would look into that. See if you can find a used Classic 30, that would be the best option all together.
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Palo V32. Are you going to be gigging? If not the V32 might be a bit overkill

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I wants to get me one. Over the summer, I'm gonna first add an octal socket to my Valve Junior, then I plan to either build a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe clone, or some other low wattage 6V6 amp. That should satisfy me.

Pah, don't get me started on my summer plans. In short: gutting and rebuilding 3 small tube amps.