How do you guys come up with a vocal melody go with chords and a rhythm? I usually just improvise until I find something that sounds right, but I just thought I'd ask how you girls and boys do it for my inspiration. Thanks.
I usually listen to something i've written, then try to imagine something over it.. but I don't write a lot of melody's myself.
i just write **** and try to match it to the music i make lol... but that might not help you lol
1. Come up with a piece
2. Improvise some vocal work with the piece(Ex. da-da-daa, or hum with the chords)
3. Once you've got the way it's down, write some lyrics that match it
4. Take a break and go pee
5. Eat food
6. Get laid(Optional)
7. Come back and practice the piece and see if you can make some changes
8. Master the piece
9. Smile assuringly
10. Show all your friends your music!

Ten easy steps to vocal melody!
I hope.

To examine the tone of the sphincter? What the hell is it, a tuning fork?
Now this works in two ways for me:
1. Music comes first: I listen to the music and sing along random words till i come up with a good vocal melody to go with the music. Usually doesn't take me too long to do this.
Once i have the melody, then i write the lyrics to fit with the melody.

2. Lyrics come first: Now everytime i write lyrics, i write them with some sorta melody in my head. So when i read the lyrics, i sing them out in different melodies. I find the melody i like the most, stick to it, them compose all the different instruments to go along with it in my head (though you only really need to compose a guitar riff to go with it initially to get started). So this way i have the whole song composed of in my head. Then i just compose the rest of the music around the lyrics and its vocal melody.