This is my friend from schools band
They wanted to see what you guys thought, and would like to know what they could do better and **** like that

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sound quality not too great...

the music sounds ok. doesn't sound like too much thought was put into writing it.
and the vocals are meh. It could be worse, but they could be a LOT better...
not too bad, the sound quality on the video was brutal, lol....also anyone who watches this, do not have ur sound up loud, start low, hahah bout blew my ears out cuz i had it up from somethin before this. Sounded like they had some cool riffs from what i could pick out of it, some of it sounded like a blurr. The drums i couldnt pick out a lot of the time, coulda been cuz theyre electric and not loud enough, but the parts i did hear sounded pretty good. Could def use a bass player, and imo a different singer and/or lower voice or somethin, i dunno it just didnt seem like the lyrics were going with the heavy style of the song for me. Overall good potential, brush up vocals, be nice to add bass but im sure that easier to say then do!