Well, just got home for the first time in 3 months because of school and travels. I am going to my psuedo-wood shop tomorrow for the first time where i will be doing all of my working. its practically a shed. So my dads friend got a gander at my tele thin line, the shredder build with the kahler and etc. and he loves the body and such. hes a lefty, wants the same body, walnut, quilted maple top, SSS pickups, regular strat headstock, not reverse. big FAT neck, 12 inch radius, the works. Its my first ever consignment, and hes a family-friend with alot of hookups in the music world, basically if i build him a guitar, 1000 people are going to see it. Im charging him no labor fees, one because its my first an i dont trust my abilities that much, two i love doing it.

Here is the neck wood so far... absolutely gorgeous, and there is no such thing as a more perfect flat-saw. this puppy is gonna be very strong.

Edit : this is also the one i will be video blogging for all of UG to see. lets hope i dont screw anything up!
Good luck bro

I'm always telling myself I don't have any tools to do it or else i'd try.. but i know i don't have the balls and discipline for it even if i did.
congrats on the paid gig! if this turns out anything like your other builds, you'll be lookin pretty good. do you have a name for your builds? some sort of company name or something would help you get a leg up, that way your friend can say "yeah, its a so-and-so custom lefty tele, check him out"
Well, im probably just going to inlay KNH into the headstock in half inch abalone or mother of pearl letters, and he wants Wallis (his last name) inlaid on the 12th fret. Inlay is fun stuff, but not on maple. its going to be rough on the neck, ebony will be no problem though.