Is this an amazing deal?

A Mesa Boogie dual rectifier, 100w amp with foot switch and new power tubes.
And a Mesa 4x12; 240w speaker cab with vintage Celestion 30's.
All for $1600.00 (USD)


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I believe so. I've played on one numerous times, sounds amazing. And the price seems really cheap from my knowledge, don't actually know how much they cost new or second hand in us though, so can't really compare.
LOL, you know this is a good deal, that's why you posted it
For instance, if I posted my gear and asked everyone if they thought it was good I would get flamed.

BTW, my gear:
1. Gibson 1957 Goldtop VOS Les Paul
2. Dean CFH (with Bill Lawrence 500xl in bridge)
3. Soldano Avenger 100w head
4. Marshall 1960 Cab
5. BBE Green Screamer
6. BBE Sonic Stomp
7. MXR EVH Flanger
8. Boss NS-2
9. Boss TU-2

....and yes, I'm very happy with it.
Well it's cheap enough to be a good deal, but expensive enough to deflect suspicion of the buyer's legitimacy. We have a winner!
Meh. For that price, you could get a used Mark IV. The Rectifier is a mediocre amp as far as the Mesa line goes, and is even worse at low volumes.
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Is it the two channel or the three channel?
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that sounds actually preety good considering how much those cabs usually are. You could get a Mark IV for that but, if you like the tone of the Recto more go for it. To be honest, I would take recto tone over Mark IV tone but thats just me, some people are like that!
( would still get a roadster instead though )
I got a mesa boogie mark IV for 1200 and a mesa 4x12 cab for 700. not bad.
It's a decent deal, not amazing, but you could probably resell the stuff seperately for more if you wanted to, as long as its in good condition.
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