It might sound sort of noobish but then I'll go ahead with it anyway... I use a zoom606 with a washburn lyon... Kinda old one, but then I wanted to ask a few questions about the 606 going along with certain amps... I usually have the eq on 24 and gain all the way up (30) on the effects... The 606 works well with line6, hartke and fender amps, but then when it hits a marshall or others it just goes all wrong... The sounds gets all blown up and even the clean sounds like crap... Need some help here... Thanks in advance...
Simple truth, it's not a particularly great pedal. It'll probably make a good fist of making the clean channel of an SS amp sound a little better, but will sound awful on the distortion channels and probably make a tube amp sound worse if used badly....gain on full usualy classes as "used badly" btw.
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