anybody know of any good, free drawing programs for mac? I really want something that I can just have fun playing around with as well as use to design/draw some art for my music and my myspace page.
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Paint...oh wait. :P

The gimp?

Torrent Photoshop?
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Thing is, I don't want a computer that uses 256 out of my 512 MB of RAM on the fancy animations when you minimize.
let's see. here's the few that i've found in my endless search.


that's all i can remember. no links, sorry, but you can google them with no problem. they don't have many pixels or whatever, so they aren't very good, but they're fine for editing pics for the fun-filled UG threads, which is why i wanted them anyway. my days of misery are over, however, as i finally found a downloadable version of photoshop for mac with a working serial number.