edit: the name of the song would helped haha, it's called "song recorded on the 27th of march."

i reckon it's the best melody i've ever written. which makes me wonder if i stole it.


lyrics are kinda av though.
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yeah...i had only written it a few minutes earlier aha, i'm still a bit iffy on what syllables match up with which part of the melody.
that was good man...kinda sounded a shade like that song by Jet....oh whats it called...oh yea Look What You've Done...however this may have just popped into my head cuz ure from Australia lol...overall i really liked the piano and the sad vox...one suggestion i will make is (and i dont know if this would fit what your trying to do wiht hte song or not) would be is to maybe add some higher pitched vocal melody parts in like when it starts to build up or something...like umm..Five For Fighting songs...idk just a thought...............oh and if you wouldnt mind i was just messing around with my crappy electric guitar and came up with a little song thingy and i need some criticism/suggestions on it lol...the links in the sig