I have a strat copy body and neck and I want to sand it down and re paint it but i dont know if i sould keep it black or paint it somthing cool like eddy van halens guitar what do you think and if you have any iders for somthing cool to paint on it like eddys or a picher tell me them to.
dude just beat the fuck out of it and have it be a worn strat. nothin sexiet than that
i know there cool but this is worn wrong it has no pain missing and there is writing skraped into it i would keep it worn if i could get rid of some paint. maby i could sand the writing and have paint missing there
paint f holes on it thats what im planning to do with the behringer
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i say do the worn thing to it
or like paint a chick on it
or maybe like the gears of war skull.... that'd be cool
^ gears of war ,wooo i bought that yesterday lol im abit behind on my games collection lol

and the F word in the second post isnt *'d out!

sorry err back on track, go with something origional theres alot of EVH guitars out there and i can truly say theres only about 2 i've seen that look any good.

you should do worn and paint it a nice bright colour like sea foam green, that looks amazing on strats imo