Ok, I feel kinda retarded for asking this question, but here goes.

What characterizes each music style out there, what are their main attributes, I can "hear" them, but I can't describe them, any help?
For example. for Rock, jazz, blues, classical, reggae, metal, etc...
i would feel stupid too. other than the chord progressions rythems and different keys generally associated with different styles you cant. im not gonna sit here for hours and try and label what is rock and what is jazz and all that crap because its something that cant be explained as a definate because there are always exceptions in genres of music. you could say a band like nickelback is the core of what rock is. then someone else might say eric clapton is rock, others like acdc, the beatles, metallica. they all are considered rock in a roundabout way but the musical styles of the artists differ enormously.
its extremely hard to just sum them all up, check wikipedia, every sub genre and every genre is unique if you know what to listen for
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