Hey guys i was wondering what is a Musicians Union?


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Google your best friend :P
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Google your best friend :P

I cnnot find any useful thing on google so i thought it would be faster here.
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I cnnot find any useful thing on google so i thought it would be faster here.

It's a union for musicians. If you don't know what a union is, ask your parents.
Couldn't find anything useful on google regarding this. Just a guess but is the first link not the musicians union website?
Yeah, thanks for all the help....

Back in the old days, a bunch of musicians recognized that there was strength in numbers and formed a union. They stood together, as all unions do, to ensure that musicians, as workers, are treated fairly by their employers. This was an effort to ensure that people didn't get stiffed out of being paid for gigs, to ensure that they would be paid fairly for their work, and to ensure reasonable working conditions for the musicians. If a promoter, venue, etc. was not treating the musicians well enough (there became standard minimum rates of pay, called "union scale") then that person, venue would become blacklisted by the union until they coughed up. By being blacklisted, that promoter or venue would not be able to get bands or musicians to play their dances, concerts or what-have-you, essentially shutting them down.

Eventually, the union started offering legal protection for its members, and created a database of sorts where, if people needed a musician or band, they simply needed to call the union, and they'd be able to send someone along - almost like an employment agency/staffing service. By belonging to the union, you could get gigs, session jobs, etc. that you might well NOT have otherwise gotten.

Nowadays, the union plays less of a role due to declining membership, bands willing to play for free (or close to it), and venues becoming less and less willing to pay bands and musicians fairly (and being able to get away with it). The union will help you with your paperwork to cross the border to work in other countries, and will potentially open doors to a more broad scope of jobs/gigs. Many people who belong to the union will work under the table for pay that is less than union scale. This whole undermining process continues to allow musicians to be screwed over, and continues to (ironically) result in continued declining membership.

That said, I have not joined. Given the current climate and my needs, I can't justify the expense that the dues would cost me, as I don't see myself getting my money back in the long run. I play about once a month and just for fun, mostly. Perhaps it is people like me that the union types hate the most. It *should* be an investment, but for me, it isn't.

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