i can get a 2x12 avatar with wizards in it for $265 thats 50 for each speacker and 165 for the cab. Its a closed back cab if that means anything. Also my amp has a 4 ohm and 8 ohm output. if both speakers are wired for 16 ohms does that make a difference? sorry i dont really know much about ohms... thanks
It's not a bad deal, but certainly not the best I've seen. Closed back cabs generally have a more focused sound with more thump, but don't fill out a room as well as an open back cab. If the cab is 16 ohms, then that means the speakers 8 ohms each and wired in series. Rewire the cab in parallel and you'll get a total speaker load of 4 ohms which will work with your amp. If your amp is solid state, you can just plug the 16 ohm load into the 8 ohm output on your amp but you'll lose some power.
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