Which new amp should i get?

I can spend $800

and i am not looking for a stack, but a combo amp

And i play with distortion 99% of the time.

but i still want an amp that can play well on the clean channel as well.

I play a Gibson Les Paul Studio 2007, and i currently have a marshall MG 250 DFX

Can you guys help me out?

Thanks a lot, I'm really lost
What styles do you play?

For that kind of money, you could get a B-52 AT112, Randall RG50TC or used Marshall JCM900. Those are good for hard rock and metal, but all have nice clean tones.
I'm not sure what i really like to play, because i am still learning.

In addition, I only want a combo amp.
I think you should save some more money and buy a Marshall conbo with valves (do you say it like that?) the only problem is that in a marshall combo with valves, the head alone costs around 1000 euros .
i managed to buy a combo without valves at 680 euros...usually it costs 800... but if you just want to use it at home i would stay on an amp without valves because a marshall with valves its veryveryveryvery powerful