I am trying to draw a floor plan of a building but for some reason it only lets me zoom out so far so i can't view it as a whole. I was wondering if there are any people here who use it and how do you change the scale to make the drawing smaller so i can fit it all onto the screen?
I'm in my drafting III class right now. Just go to view-3d views-top and it should re-fit everything into the window. If that doesn't work, then you're gonna have to scale it down (button on the right toolbar, looks like a square with a smaller square inside it) to maybe 1/2 and then re-adjust the scaling on the dimensions, if you have any (dimension-style-modify) and you might have to re-adjust the units too (format-units).
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we use a program that is kind of like autocad, i hit ctr+backspace and that brings everything into the window.
z [space] e [space]
it means zoom extents.
or you can double click the wheel on your mouse.
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i take a CAD class in school and use autocad. there should be a scale button on the toolbar, shouldnt there?

you could also probably just zoom out a bit

Thats what I'd do. The scale button looks like a square with a smaller square inside with dashed lines
id just get a copy of archicad and use that, its my prefered cad program. doesnt really help your current zooming problem tho...
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