Hello there.
I have a LTD EX-50, today i broke a string and im gonna buy new ones, i was wondering what size of string uses this guitar ( 009 - 042 for example ) since i like the sound, does the ex-50 comes with that size? I accept sugestions about diferent brands. Thanks in advance
Most factories ship with 9 gauge strings as stock, as for brands shop around, try out different ones until you find the ones that react well to your playing and humidity etc.
Thanks a lot for the quick answer , i was worried about the gauge since i've heard that you have to modify something if you change the gauge, i'll go with the 009-042 then ^^.
get 9's if you like the sound of em

and for brands, I use Elixir strings, they sound great and last forever, also Ernie Ball's are nice
Well the only time you need to modify your setup is when you dramatically change gauge, for example going from 9's to 11's is likely to need action adjustment and possibly a re-intonation job.
i play ernie ball skinny top heavy bottom which is 10-13-17-30-42-52 but to tell you the truth you gauges are gonna depend on what type of music your gonna be playing