i have a Dean Razorback with a floyd rose tremolo,at the top the things that lock down the strings to keep it in tune(not sure what their called) by the head stock are kinda rusty, is there anything i can get to remove the rust?
theres stuff at hardware stores that stop rust that should work but why would your LOCKING NUT be rusting? did you drop it in a tub of water? lol
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Just remove the locking nuts (that's what they are called), clean them with some steel wool (light grain), and soak them in some WD-40 or some other protecting oil (used to clean bike chains for example) for a few hours. Then clean them with a clean cloth and put them back. They should now be more protected against rusting. You can do it every few months because they are easy to remove.

You can do the same with your floyd rose btw, but you have to completely take it apart
i painted my locking nuts and the screws blue with nail polish. it looks nice