Hey guys im new to recording but my toneport ux1 is shipping right now. Ive been trying to get familiar with it before it arrives so i can get started right away. Could someone explain what the line inputs and monitor in ports are for? The analog outs are just for speakers correct? And im going to use headphones with it so does that eliminate the need for speakers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Line input is for you to plug in something with a line level signal, for example, an electric guitar. The analogue outs are indeed for speakers, which you can live without if you are using headphones.
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line inputs at the back are just more inputs...I used to run my mixer into them so I could run and record more that one mic at a time

The monitor input is a 1/4" TRS input which will give you a monitor of audio but wont record it....So you could play to a drum tack on guitar but it would not record the drums being fed into that monitor input.

Connect two powered studio monitors to the line outputs (outputs 1 and 2)