so my band was looking at getting some computer software to record some of our songs, but none of our computers are worthy and we're not paying to upgrade them now...

so my question is, what is the best multi-track recorder that we can use that we can use a line out to the computer to record it a .wav file? is this even possible?

we need to record vocals, guitar, bass & drums, so we need something that doesnt suck too bad..

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The boss digital multitrackers are good. I had the 8 track one....it comes with a cd burner plus u can upload ur recorded tunes as wavs to ur comp. Or burn them to cd and transfer them that way.

Reasonably priced too. Boss BR series...
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what is reasonably priced mean in your terms? LOL

The Boss BR-600 looks like it could do the trick, especially since in the musicians friend hands-on review the guy said it works awesome recording live gigs if u turn ur back to the stage and set the levels first.... which is what we were wanting to do
...even when i'm sleepin' i'm keepin' it real.
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Haha yeah i guess reasonably priced is subjective.....but then I was kind of meaning reasonably priced in comparison to other products offering similar things....type thing

Hope it works out well.

I find that if you want a recording of a gig the soundman may well do it for you for a tenner or something.
This is a lie...no reason why...right from the outset