ok thanks for the advice this is what i have you far.....

Her eyes are bright as winter,
the cold makes it hard for me to see,
Her lies,
Quicken the pace of my fragile heart,

then i had made this

It was her eyes,
Sparkling symphony of light,
Happiness was before an allusion,
She made that real for me,
Time was still when we first met,
A moment I cherish yet...I Cursed,
Because I feel that I love her,
Yet while I ring,
I could never resonate with her,
Time finally moves forward,
But the feeling remains the same,
My ringing will never stop,
Harmony is still without her.

see writing use to be never hard for me i went to art school for 2 years. but this is driving me crazy help, please comment, rate, abuse. you can say that it sucks and still be helpful.
ok man you have to read the rules.
They're in an announcement atop the main S&L forum.

Do so, then you will understand why this thread got closed.

Thanks a lot