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A title earned not given.
A title of inaction.
A title of contentness.

Some men are born great,
some receive it as a graduation present,
and others, they fight.


Name a sacrafice,
let them give it.
Name a price,
let them pay it.
Name a person,
let them crucify him.

Give a great man a
worthy cause,
and he'll go down in flames
to make the change.

Give a pussy a
worthy cause,
and he'll make sarcastic remarks
about how the change isn't necessary.

Caligula, A tragedy

Oh, Caligula;
once admired.
A regime thwarted by
megalomanical proposals.
Blasphemous cries emerged behind your disguise and
stealthy propaganda mimicked the planets.
You were self-absorbed and ominous.
Amoral pleasures dictate political fame
and financial success,
instead of sustaining the empire
as your forefathers did.

Oh, Caligula;
lost deep inside your own thoughts.
Consumed by the aqueous substance,
a thousand exits to the labyrinth in your head,
you chose arrogance
and only demolition of your people
satisfied your hunger.

Oh, Caligula;
talk to the moon.
Only the silent sky admires you.
Only the silent sky beckons you back.

Oh, Caligula;
stabbed multiple times.
Reform the broken bricks
and pack the cement.
Wipe the evidence and kill the family.
The key to a republic.

Oh, Caligula;
a tragedy.


Two nations in silent war
Run a rapid race.
They raise their eyes
To the greatest prize,
The saucer in the sky.

Silver shining in the sun,
A tower reaching for the clouds.
This behemoth guided by insects,
Set to reach the stars since time began.
Aboard this modern miracle of man.

A billion watch it breathless
All with restless hearts
This bird might not be coming home,
From its next migrant flight.
A beacon for a new age
Screams across the night.