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conpiracy (titanic)

Fellow members of the
Co-conspirators investigating
Conspiracies club
Today we have made a shocking discovery
The Titanic, the blue whale of ocean liners...
Never really sank


Exhibit one
This fuzzy but painfully realistic photograph,
Clearly shows the Titanic
Assassinating John F Kennedy
Over 50 years after it "hit by an iceberg" and "sank"


Exhibit two
This blurry but brutally authentic photograph
Shows the titanic and its alien friends, being hidden from us
By the sinister and menacing United States Government


And finally, exhibit three
A distorted but damningly accurate portrait
Of America’s perfect cruise vessel
Crashing into the world trade centre
Cruelly murdering hundreds of thousands of people
All illegal immigrants, gathered there beforehand.

Now to you, ladies and gentleman:
Post your semi-professional videos on youtube immediately,
Expose this abhorrence;
Expose this conspiracy!


A mother and her child stroll to the market.
The child is weaving in and out of the crowd,
teasing his mother with his stifled giggles
as she scurries to keep up.

Just as she ensnared his arm with her bony claw,
a searing, blinding light erupted in the sky...

One bright flash
kills too many innocent people,
and changes the world forever.

Treading the Courtyards of Home

They took me off my throne,
So they could show me the new garden,

I’ve always hated this place.
So why must I stay?

A year after Columbus they made me constable of this,
This begotten garden full of seeds and dreams,
That we tread on day to day,
Days are added to make years,
And ten of those to make a death.

I wrote Anne Boleyn at dawn,
I told her of the sky,
I told her of the wall,
I told her of the war,
And I borrowed her my brother,
So I could **** her sister.

My heart is true,
My bones are weak,
I’ve ruled this country the best I can,
I’ve ruled this country good as any man,
Still one day they will take me.
“Monks, Monks, Monks!”