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I personally love Rock Band because of all the DLC and customization.
Rock band.

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Real Guitar

I enjoy real guitar aswell but i mostly play drums on rock band
Rock Band if you have a group to play with, Guitar Hero if you're just playing with yourself.

/pun totally intended.
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o boy, here we go, another flame fest about how guitar hero ruins the image of guitarists. u play a ****ing guitar, get over urself, its just a goddamn game.

i like both. guitar hero songs are much better, but drums and singing are awesome.
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o boy, here we go, another flame fest about how guitar hero ruins the image of guitarists. u play a ****ing guitar, get over urself, its just a goddamn game.

i like both. guitar hero songs are much better, but drums and singing are awesome.

I see what your saying. I like alot of the songs from Guitar Hero, But drums are extremly fun.
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Real Guitar

Yeah. Put that stupid plastic shit down and play for real.
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I play along with real guitar while my friends play Rock Band, lol. But Rock Band > GH in my opinion. However, I'm capable of playing guitar on expert and drums on medium =(
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booo to rock band, yay to guitar hero.

Rock band is fun but it is way less competitive than guitar hero. I love just battling my friends on guitar hero. The fact that rock band is cooperative takes the competitive edge away from it.

I mean hey rock band is fun though, I'm just saying stranded on a desert island with some friends and one video game of choice? I'd pick guitar hero before we go all lord of the flies on each other.

having been in a rock band and played real guitar these games are stupid.
man i can shredz like a mother****er on guitar hero!!! i can totally ply metalica and even dragon force! lolzzz!
man i bet i can beat all ure asses on a real axe... wanna bet, if i can beat guitar hero on medium i can really play!!!!!!!!!

metal guitar ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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real instruments are better, obviously, but for the sake of thread Rock Band.

its just so badass.
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Guitar hero. rock bands a poser. but i guess guitar hero is 2...

Rock Band is made by the people who made Guitar Hero. GH3 is the poser.

Rock Band because it's fun to play with friends who can't play real instruments.
[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']I think guitar hero is fun to play on medium, but I dislike all the folks who get competitive with it, that's ridiculous.



Theres a point where it turns gay. The people that can do TFAF on expert and stuff just need to be shot in the foot tbh.
But yeah Rock Band is better with mates. Drums are hard when your drunk tho

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[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']I think guitar hero is fun to play on medium

Far too slow for me to enjoy these days. I like the extra speed of hard, especially now that I am friends with the orange button...

To TS, never played Rockband. GH3 sucks ass, GH2 is awesome and I've only briefly played GH1. Would like to try Rockband though.
Why do people feel the urge to say real guitar. Guitar Hero and Rock Band are video games, not a substitute for a real instrument. People have fun with them, you're contributing nothing if you say real guitar.
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I'd rather play the real guitar. Why waste time playing a video game if you could really learn how to perform with a real instrument? Just a thought...
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guess it all depends on whether you have friends or not...

...guess that's why i like guitar hero
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my friend owns GH3 and Rock Band, so I will say Rock Band when you have others to play with who can't play real instruments .

I can play almost half of the Rock Band songs Drums on Expert after maybe 2-3 hours of playing at seperate times, go figure.............

(just goes to show you how easy those games are[well, GH has some pretty tough stuff..])
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Havn't played rock band yet, im not sure its been released in Australia. But it sounds like it could be alright. But because i havn't played it or seen its soundtracks and knowing how freaken awesome guitar hero is id have to say guitar hero.
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real guitar but as far as the games go rock band
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