Yo my last names peppers and my first names brian
im inside your closet and im not lyin
ive been watching you this whole time
i like you dont get me wrong
thats why im making this rhyme
im horny its growing long


ive seen your myspace and thats whats up
dont only thing hornier than that is 2 girls 1 cup
im very popular on 4chan
people say that im a failed abortion


im not a failed abortion
im just an ugly orphan
im into necrophliac secks
but only with my dead ex


the only movie i think rocks
is called kids in a sanbox
im bored as hell sitting in a jail cell
getting anally raped its a living hell
but its okay im a sado-masochist
i always like to cut my wrist

you feel me all of ug
haters get mad cause im p.i.m.p.
ima strait og
people wanna start beef
they dont know im the head boss chief
taking the piss......

must be an England thing.

yo im taking the piss
im lovin this dead ladys crusty orifice
dead worms coming out
it smells alot like rotten trout
you made the same thread twice, thats pretty hardcore gangsta
"A guitar is the human soul, speaking with just six strings..."- Eddie Lee

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