Has anyone had the chance to do a comparison of the EMG's and the Duncan Blackouts to see which is better or what the difference in tone is.
Ive only had a very short experience with the blackouts (like 30min at a guitar shop :P) and i must say they have a much fuller sound than emgs. I much prefer the sound of the blackouts. Anyways just my 2cents
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I have EMG's in my ESP eclipse and a Blackout in my Alexi Laiho guitar. Now, the two have different woods so the comparison might be a stretch. However here's what I'll say.

The Blackouts have sharper attack and have a more organic feel. Harmonics are well pronounced and notes articulate better. EMG 81 produces more gain though, and has a more powerful sound to it. I also prefer the EMG for clean, but that really might be because of my guitar wood (mahogany with emg, vs alder for blackout).

A lot of artists that used to use EMG are switching to Blackouts... Slipknot, that Dino guy (fear factory), Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom). THe Blackout is a very nice pickup and is not at all "pwned" by the EMG 81.
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Seymour Duncan Blackouts all the way!!
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i think blackouts have a lot more tone than EMGz, its really personal opinion though
blackouts are much better in my opinion. much "cleaner" distortion. it has less extra noise and feedback than the 81
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Quote by metallica92
emgs pwn blackouts. specially with the 18v mod

coming from someone who has metallica as their username. of course you're gonna say EMGs. I only have experience w/ EMGs. I haven't heard blackouts at all, so I can't say anything. Seymour Duncan is awesome though.
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I still use emg's and so does thousands of pro's, i tried the blackouts and didnt like the sound of em
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They arent drastically different enough to judge by asking UG, only way to find out is by testing them.
I have a 81 and i like it for most of things, depends what tones you want. If you want versitility, dont go for either, a good passive will be better.