Just added a new song to my Dmusic, I call it "All Night Long." Feel free to check it out, tell me what you think. And of course C4C, just please leave a link.


It will also be in my profile when the profile mp3 link starts working for me again.

If you want to jam in/around Mooresville NC message me.
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ah yes gotta love the bluesy style, nice work, good lyrics which explain the situation,
well done

if u wish song link is in my sig.. there just instrumental demos atm ..

Hey, thanks for the crit, i sure do appriciate it. My home computer has alot of blocking and it doesnt like something on your page, so it wont let me hear the song. Im sorry. If you have a different link maybe? My Space doesnt work either. So im sorry. But i do appriciate it.
If you want to jam in/around Mooresville NC message me.
Thanks for the crit!

Nice guitar playing. As mentioned, very bluesy. I love the little licks you play in between the chords. They sound awesome. The vocals were decent, but I think they could be improved some. To me it sounds like you were singing too softly. That's not always a bad thing, but for this type of song I think you should really belt it out. Besides that I like your voice and I think it's very fitting for this type of song.

Anyway, nice cover, I especially love the guitar work. Great job!
The song would sound a lot better if you had better quality mics...Even the vocals would sound a lot better if they were just recorded with a better mic.

8/10 Goods ong.
I love the guitar - it needs to be a bit better on the timing - use a metronome and take it as many times as needed and if you are using a quality recording program it should allow you to mix in the best parts on the guitar and put together your best takes....
I forgot what that was called anyways...

I think it is a bit muddy - but these speakers are causing me headache's when I mix my own stuff too because they are too bassy... when I put on my headphones everything is too trebley so I finally bought some real Monitors and I should have some idea of what kind of EQ to go for....

I really like your playing style - unique is key

Good work
Right on - I like the guitar playing and it's a cool tune.

As shortyafter said, I think you need to sing louder. It sounds like you recorded this when someone in the house (or a neighbor) was sleeping.. haha. There's a part towards the end where you belt it out a bit more and it sounds great - kinda like Iggy Pop or something.

Incidentally I wrote a song called "All Nite Long" - it's about how everybody needs to have a song called "All Nite Long" haha - from Lionel Richie to Joe Walsh to Charlie Daniels, you ain't happening unless you got a song with that name! Glad to see you're with the program.

Here's a link of my band playing it, if you wanna check it out: www.myspace.com/hawkandroll