yeah the guitar sounds pretty good, the singer needs a bit more practise...and the drums dont even sound like they should be in the same song...but it will be cool once you get everything nailed
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It's a good song hidden in a bunch of poor mixing is all. The drums could be tighter and the singing a bit better but the main problem is that, becuase its not blended very well in the mixing side of things, all the mistakes are accentuated. But yeah all the guitaring's good etc...

if u wanna crit back...


agreed, work on mixing, and try some delay or reverb on the lead vocals, it thickens the sound some, and eq more bass into the vocals too. It just needs evened up a lot. Good playing, very classic rock sounding.
Cool song. All my complaints have been addressed already. The main riff kicks ass.
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Great song. I found the intruments parts quite good.
However, you have to work on your singing. It's passable, but it's not great. Don't know what's wrong about it. You hit the right keys, but it lacks something. Maybe strength?
The bridge is great.
Didn't really like the solo but that's a matter of personal preference.
The end with the flanger was an awesome idea

Here's my song. Please critic