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people who think that the tuning peg things have to be straight. I went to the bathroom once, I come back, and my friend detunified my guitar, and then asked why it sounded weird. ARGG!!!

sure, you just have to invent a method of being very gentle with a rusty awl and a hammer.

if you can pry it off without causing damage to the guitar, then gluing a new pickguard that fits the soundhole won't be the hard part.
don't pry it off, use a blow dryer on the low heat setting and it will soften the glue enough to be able to peel it off. yes, you can replace the pickguard, but i don't know how easy it will be to find a new one in that shape. you might try ordering just the pickguard material from stewmac or someone else and cutting the shape yourself.
if you dont like the pickguard that much, you could always just put a thin sheet of vinyl over it, by glueing or epoxying it on, or you could even use a thin sheet of plastic, cut in the same shape, just glue it over. but it has to be really thin., you could also sand over then then spray paint it, but you would have to cover the rest of the guitar. so you do have plent of options. im sure some store could probibly do it for you, too.